Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

The much anticipated Christmas Card Post is finally here, and yall... i know I say it every year- but there are some CUTE things out there for 08.

The tablewear is precious. I have already ordered these "bulb" cups for a party, and they are plastic and TOO CUTE. Also, I have ordered the styrofoam "Eat Drink and Be Merry" cups and several sets of the hostess gift set. These napkins are the PERFECT pick up gift for the parties you will be attending over the holidays.

The Party Invites!!

And last but not least, the photo Christmas Cards... Ahhhhhh!!!!!
Ok, this post is long, but these are from Inviting Company.


Anonymous said...

Love the design changes to the blog, but most importantly, the new merchandise! I have copied and pasted the URL to my sister's FB page, as her friends are already discussing Christmas photo cards and needing them. Sooo, hopefully some biz will come out of it!

Chuck and Kami said...

CUTE STUFF! I've already narrowed down our Christmas card options for this year. One of which you have posted on your page. :) I'm doing inviting co so I can get them from you. Stay tuned. Love and miss