Sunday, February 15, 2009

New from Inviting Company Notepads

These are the cutest notepads/ weekly agendas..... I just LOVE them. Perfect for your purse, office desk, or FRIDGE- yes, some even come with magnets for the fridge. If you are interested in any of these items, shoot me an email at

The Pink Scroll/ Blue Scroll: These are bound by a glue top, and packaged with Green and Yellow ribbon. 11.00 each, 200 pages.

POPULAR SELLER: The What's Cookin Fridge Notepad- Make heading to the grocery store easy and organized with this notepad. It lists the 7 days of the week for menu planning, complete with a place for your shopping list. LOVE it. $9.50 each

This Zebra Weekly Agenda is perfect for the sassy mom trying to keep the schedules straight. This is ready for the fridge and perfect for a birthday gift! $9.50 each

A Quick Note to a teacher, friend, boss, or to your forgetful self... this popular notebook is TOO Cute. This is a GREAT Bunko Prize or a gift for your stylish girlfriend. $9.50

I LOVE these weekly agendas so much that I got one for myself. This stylish planner can be mounted to the fridge or is perfect for your home or work office. The sheets tear off with write in dates... you'll love it. $14.50

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